We leverage government and private partnerships to impact more women & children across Maharashtra and Delhi.

We have reached over 2 lakh children and adolescents across India.

Our Programs stem from strong research — assessing the needs and socio-legal factors impacting children in our communities. The research is presented to the relevant Government departments. We identify strategic and implementation partners with the State and NGOs to implement, support, and scale the programs. We engage heavily with the Government on policy advocacy and changes at the systemic level to ensure long-term solutions of the issues.

We believe that with the right support and collaboration, we can create a world in which all women and children can shine.

We Explore Possibilities

Only 1% of children with disabilities have access to school and one third of most disabilities are preventable (WHO,2011). Our early intervention programme is aimed at addressing hearing and speech impairment at an early stage of life, so that the hearing impaired children can engage in conversation and learn in regular schools.

33 Cochlear Impant Surgeries

Cochlear implant surgeries succesfully conducted at our EIC center

1065 Children Enrolled

The Special Care centre has enrolled 1065 children till now

Providing hearing impaired and intellectually disabled children with appropriate intervention at an early age, thus enabling them to lead independent lives


An early intervention centre that provides diagnosis, pre and post cochlear implant management, therapy and support to hearing & speech impaired children


A school for children with hearing and intellectual disabilities for children between 3 to 19 years

We Foster Young Minds

One of the major issues emerging in Indian education is increased school dropout rates and low levels of student learning. We work with children who lack the support they need to do well in school. Our program focuses on building happier classrooms that fosters holistic development of preschool and primary children. The key features of our education programs are individualised attention to each child, increased experiential learning opportunities, intensive teacher training, coaching and mentoring support, stakeholder involvement, and community engagement.

4,000 Students

Enrolled in our Patang Program

85% Students Showing Improvement

Students are showing progressive movement in their learning levels

Creating engaging environments with resources & opportunities for experiential learning


An early childhood care and education program that fosters holistic development


A remedial education program for primary grade students to help them bridge their learning gaps

We Value Life

It is estimated that over 2 million children are trafficked into sexual slavery every year. India is the source, transit and destination of trafficking with extensive intra-country trafficking. Owing to the complexities of trafficking we choose to adopt a multi-pronged approach – this is done by empowering vulnerable communities, rehabilitation of survivors of trafficking through education and livelihood, access to justice for survivors and supporting the government system to address the issue holistically.

1.2 Lakh Reached

Through intervention in over 650 villages and slum areas

2,000 Survivors Rehabilitated

Through education and livelihood opportunities

Combating human-trafficking of girls and restoring the respect and dignity in their lives.


Increasing community awareness, reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing vigilance for early reporting


Working with the state government for rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors of trafficking


Empowering the justice delivery system for an organised response to trafficking crimes


Influencing government policies at the state and national levels to address the issue holistically

We Enable Independence

We work in urban communities of Maharashtra & Delhi with high prevalence of violence against women. We work with vulnerable young women from these communities and enable them with opportunities in education, employability skills and enterprise development support. We aim towards reducing their vulnerability to violence and help them in breaking the cycle of poverty.

16,000 Women Reached

Through Employability skills training & enterprise development; support for Vulnerable Migrant Women from over 100 slum pockets of Maharashtra and Delhi

7 out of every 10 Women Placed

67% women use of the opportunity to be economically independent

50 Micro-Enterprises Supported

Provided financial and infrastructure support

Ensuring all girls are skilled to be independent and financially secure.


Through 10 community based centres we create access to opportunities for young women within the community


Training in sectors of beauty and wellness, garment manufacturing, retail sales, para-medical, facility management, digital skills and financial skills


Focusing on self-esteem, confidence, assertion and negotiation skills, goal-setting, job readiness

Our work has been credited and recognized by some of the most prestigious institutions globally.

Best NGO Award,
Institute of Public Enterprise

Accredited by the
Credibility Alliance

Awarded: Advance Level Gold Seal,
by Guidestar India

India NGO Award 2011,
The Resource Alliance (endorsed by
Rockefeller Foundation)

Endorsed by CMO Asia,
Asian Confederation of Business,
World CSR Congress

Best NGO Award, Institute of Public Enterprise

Accredited by the Credibility Alliance

India NGO Award 2011, The Resource Alliance (endorsed by Rockefeller Foundation)

Awarded: Advance Level Gold Seal, by Guidestar India

Endorsed by CMO Asia, Asian Confederation of Business, World CSR Congress